Welcome to my site for rockets and electronics! If you are here then we probably  share common hobbies and you have interests in amateur experimental rockets and/or electronics.Let me put this in context – ever since my childhood I am fascinated by rockets and space. Still at that time information and materials weren’t that available as nowadays and we had to limit ourselves to out-of-the-shelf rocket models, motors etc.However assembling model rockets with ready to use rocket motors didn’t satisfy my interest so I decided to design and build everything on my own. Thus I entered in the world of the experimental rocketry. Sharing in the same time strong interests in electronics proved to be a good addition to the hobby – after all rockets that only fly up and then of course go down aren’t that interesting.Here I will share my projects and the experience gained from these projects. I want to point out that all the information shared here is also available in the Bulgarian Experimental Rocketry Forums however discussions there are only in Bulgarian or Russian language and unfortunately Google translate isn’t working that well…so I decided to make this information available for international hobbyists as well.

MeThe Author: Dyanko Chernev (a.k.a. pinko)